The Horizon 2020 project “Construye 2020+” is holding a series of 16 webinars across Spain to support the transition of the construction sector towards a more sustainable sector. This project is part of the “BUILD UP Skills” initiative and is aimed at training and promoting the benefits of energy efficiency.

RECORDINGS (in Spanish)

Representatives from the regional government (Generalitat Valenciana), research centres (IVE and AIDIMME), training centres (FLC) and trainers took part in its stop in the Valencia region on 29 October. See agenda.

The debate focused on the initiatives underway in the Valencia region to boost green jobs and stimulate the training of professionals in the construction sector. The BUSLeague project, represented by Pepa Esparza (IVE), was one of the initiatives presented, which aims to stimulate the demand for qualified professionals in energy efficiency through skills recognition systems, public tenders, or funding mechanisms.