In the BUSLeague Project, the Spanish Implementation Plan considered the upskilling in energy efficiency of 1,640 professionals, and from the beginning, it was planned to develop a customised training for BAUHAUS workers and installers.

BAUHAUS is a leading brand in DIY, renovation, decoration, and gardening, committed to climate goals and has made it a priority to continue increasing the range of environmentally friendly products and to promote their sale through its stores.

It is therefore important that its employees are familiar with energy efficiency concepts in order to advise their customers on the technical performance of their products for sale but also on their environmental benefits.

Furthermore, the training had to be short, accessible, and flexible in order to make it as easy as possible for working professionals.

With this starting point, the Valencia Institute of Building (IVE) developed a course consisting of 10 micro-trainings whose overall learning objective was “energy efficiency literacy”. The training was aimed at BAUHAUS employees and installers in Spain (approximately 1,500 people) so it was hosted on the BAUHAUS Moodle platform.

The course lasted 4 hours online and had complementary material to provide further information on specific aspects. The 10 micro-trainings focused on:

The content of this training was very general and suitable for a wider audience so… why not replicate it among other professionals who want to get into energy-efficient construction?

The IVE launched an open call to offer this course free of charge to non-profit associations, youth training centres (14-18 years old), VET centres, professional associations, staff of one-stop shops, etc. So far approximately 550 people have been reached and 5 partnership agreements have been signed. More trainees and agreements are expected in the near future.

The great reception of this action shows that many professionals are willing to upskill if the courses fit their needs in terms of investment of time, money, and effort, so micro-training seems to be a good option to be explored and further exploited.