Young girls often want to contribute to a better and greener world, but rarely realize that engineering can make this possible. Together, VHTO and BUSLeague, have designed, and are offering, a cost-free teaching program in The Netherlands, aimed at engaging lower secondary school students with the energy transition and installation technology. The curriculum is intended for the entire class, but mainly to get girls interested in engineering and normalize the image of women in engineering.

The lesson consists of three parts (1x 50 minutes, 2x 100 minutes) in which students will learn about:

  • What the energy transition entails;
  • Where energy comes from – with a view on the energy network;
  • Where energy is applied in their own living environment – in their homes, for electric vehicles, in the house they dream about, and so on;
  • Which jobs they – both girls and boys – can get in this field and on these topics.

In sum, students will appreciate what opportunities engineering has to offer for their future.

The curriculum is structured around active and hands-on methodologies that link to students’ experiences. Part of the program is that a female employee of an installation company knowledgeable about the energy transition will attend the class to tell about her work and the attractiveness of it.