On 12 September, the Valencia City Council (Spain) organised a workshop on “green jobs” which was attended by 25 unemployed women and women actively seeking employment. The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness about green jobs and the wide range of professional profiles that exist today that are linked to the environmental sector.

This session arose from the collaboration between various entities within the framework of the European project MatchUp-El Marítim Innova. Representatives of the R&D centre “Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación (IVE)”, the municipal foundation “València Clima i Energia” and the consultancy “Kveloce I+D+i” participated as speakers.

Kveloce I+D+i was the entity responsible for introducing the concept of “green jobs” to the audience. This intervention focused on the need for a change in the dominant economic model and contextualised the situation at European, national and local level to finally conclude with the reasons why green jobs are a real opportunity.

IVE highlighted the importance of training but also of other formulas, on which the BUSLeague and BUS-GoCircular projects are working, and which aim to stimulate the recruitment of qualified professionals in energy efficiency and circularity, such as the certification of skills and their recognition through applications or skills passports.

The foundation “València Clima i Energía” presented the one-stop-shop “Energy Office” and the green women employees who work there. With varied profiles and backgrounds, these women workers offer a consultory service to citizens to save on their energy bills, rehabilitate their homes or install photovoltaic panels.