BAUHAUS, a leading brand in DIY, renovation, decoration, and gardening, committed to climate goals, has made it a priority to continue increasing the range of environmentally friendly products and to promote their sale through its stores.

To this end, within the framework of the BUSLeague project in which it participates as a partner, BAUHAUS has drawn up an action plan that includes two main objectives: to carry out awareness-raising campaigns among its customers and to develop a training programme for its employees and installers in energy efficiency.

This January saw the start of the first stage of training, consisting of 10 micro-trainings developed by the Valencia Institute of Building (IVE), also a partner in the BUSLeague project. The training is delivered online via the BAUHAUS Moodle platform and students can find different learning resources such as videos, documents, and other complementary materials.

In more detail, the course is divided into the following 10 micro-trainings:

  • Introduction to EE-buildings
  • How to improve the EE
  • User behaviour
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Thermal installations
  • Existing thermal installations
  • Lightning
  • Home appliances
  • Renewable energies

So far, the course has been very well received and more than 1500 employees and installers have registered. The second part of the course will be launched soon and will focus on the materials and products available in BAUHAUS stores, including their technical characteristics and instructions for their correct installation on site.

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