Stories are very powerful ways to share knowledge as the narratives also enable to share more tacit aspects of knowledge, norms and values. They help to better understand each other’s perspective and will contribute to building trust and commitment within the consortium and BUSLeague stakeholder networks.

Therefore, all BUSLeague consortium meetings started with one of the partners telling a story, preferably in relation to something they experienced with a worker, retailer or producer as part of this project. This was used to trigger discussions between the partners on the meaning of the story in relation to their own context, their perspective on the story and lessons learned in relation to the BUSLeague objectives. Aside from prompting and pushing knowledge sharing subsequent to the live telling of the story, the discussions should help to identify how BUSLeague could be meaningful for similar challenges as described in the story.

Below you can find the nine stories told by BUSLeague project partners.


A story by Alice Ryan (IGBC)

Prelude The Irish Green Building Council has developed a certification system for new housing called the Home Performance Index (HPI). This encourages architects and developers to design and build more sustainable homes by giving them a badge of approval if they achieve certain sustainability criteria. One of the indicators in HPI is “Water Consumption” which […]


A story by Pepa Esparza (IVE)

Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash Once upon a time The protagonist: José is an architect from Valencia (Spain) who founded his own office about 30 years ago in the 1990s. Since he was a child, he had dreamed of being an architect and designing beautiful buildings in his hometown to be proud of. The […]


A story by Martijn van Bommel (ISSO)

  Once upon a time The protagonist and the situation: Once upon a time, long, long ago, Queen Crystal ruled the ‘Land of Glass’. The land was large, rich and prosperous, but not all was well. The land was running out of resources, and its citizens had to work too hard to be able to […]


A story by Naghmeh Altmann (AEA)

Once upon a time The protagonist: Alex is an architect, trainer and energy advisor. He checks the quality of installed elements and locates the leakages of the building shell on the construction site. He has been working in this field for many years and has experienced various challenges during his work. He proves his engagement […]


A story by Amber Kornet (University of Twente)

  Once upon a time The protagonist: Paul is director of Installation company Whetherwood in the eastern part of the Netherlands. He has long time experience in the installation sector and sees the consequences of the energy transition on his company. The situation: Due to the energy transition work is piling up at Wetherwood. Everybody […]


A story by Manuel E. Arias (PF)

  Once upon a time The protagonist: During more than 28 years, an electrical technician enterprise has been working in the building and construction sector. They decided to join a tender for the construction project of La Vallée residence, which included 24 lodgings with a surface of 612 m2 at Origny-Sainte-Benoite in the Hauts de […]


A story by Dragomir Tzanev (EnEffect)

  Once upon a time The protagonist: Our ex-boss, myself and our team. The situation: We are looking for a hosting VET institution to share space, so that we could equip and operate the Bulgarian Building Knowledge Hub (BKH) that can host the centre and use it for free for their educational purposes. We have […]


A story by Seamus Hoyne (TUS)

Photo credits: by gpointstudio – Once upon a time The protagonist: A staff member in an Higher Education Institute (HEI), called John . John did research on what was needed for upskilling of carpenters, plumbers, tradespeople, operatives. He previously worked as a carpenter and had worked in the construction sector for nearly 15 years. […]


Photo by Maegan Martin on Unsplash