To reach carbon neutrality by 2050, the European Union (EU) must fully decarbonise its building stock. Yet, the lack of energy efficiency skills and labour shortages across the continent presents a significant challenge to this objective. The aim of the BUSLeague replication plan is to support the exploitation of the project’s key deliverables and know-how more widely across Europe and to ensure its sustainability. The replication plan covers all project core activities, i.e., recognition, awareness, and training. Below you can find some of these activities:


BTP a new tool to attract jobseekers to the construction industry and assess their aptitude

Across Europe, the construction industry is facing skills and labour shortages. In France, the BTP program, launched in the Hauts-de-France region as part of the BUSLeague project aims at attracting more people to the industry, including women. The construction industry is often perceived as a difficult sector – often wrongly, and women only account for 2% of […]


BUILD UP Skills advisor-app – Upskilling made easy!

Professional training is a must to decarbonise our built environment and transition to more sustainable buildings. But too often identifying suitable training in topics such as energy saving and generation of your own renewable energy is challenging for building professionals and construction workers. To make it easier for them to see how they can keep […]


Water Efficiency Training in Ireland

Heating hot water accounts for 25% of home energy usage and 60% of domestic water is used in the bathroom. Using water efficiency helps to reduce energy demand and ultimately reduces carbon emissions. Therefore, efficient sanitaryware is an important element in a low energy building and has become a requirement of sustainability certification systems. Bathroom […]


NZEB Training in Ireland

The Near Zero Energy (NZEB) standard introduced by the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) was adopted into Irish Building Regulations in 2020. This has brought about a fundamental shift in how buildings in Ireland are constructed. Nevertheless, a large proportion of construction workers still need to be trained in how best to deliver quality […]


Photo by Alexey Lin on Unsplash