Professional training is a must to decarbonise our built environment and transition to more sustainable buildings. But too often identifying suitable training in topics such as energy saving and generation of your own renewable energy is challenging for building professionals and construction workers. To make it easier for them to see how they can keep their professional knowledge up-to-date, several construction skills projects (PROF/TRAC, BUStoB and BUSLeague) have mapped out upcoming technological innovation and available additional training supply in the Netherlands (trainings in Dutch), in Ireland and in Europe (trainings in English).

The BuildUpSkills app allows you to select your profession and the specific area in which you would like to gain new skills in a few clicks. Based on your profile and needs, you will then see a list of all relevant courses currently available.The free app is available for Android and Apple smartphones. Do you want to invest in your craftsmanship for tomorrow? Download the BUILD UP Skills advisor app today!

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Use the BuildUpSkills app to strengthen your knowledge and skills on energy efficiency and sustainable buildings. The app is available for Android and Apple.

BUILD UP Skills advisor-app – from skills insight to actual upskilling

The BUILD UP Skills advisor-app (BUS-app) and related methodologies can be used to facilitate the use of micro-credentials for personal recognition and lifelong learning. The BUS-app has been developed with the purpose of informing and advising craftsmen and professionals working in the construction value chain; about upskilling opportunities around a more sustainable built environment. The BUS-app and its maintenance environment are provided as Software as a Service. Each region/country using it, receives a dedicated part of the environment. Some essential data is shared with the purpose of mutual recognition. Examples of these are occupations, specialisms, and units of learning outcomes.

In its core the BUS-app In its core the BUS-app contains a community managed content repository with links to training content and training providers (courses, e-learning, masterclasses, events, etc.). In order to nudge users to start their upskilling the BUS-app links to free e-learning and several practical micro-learning interactions (for example learning from building errors). To make learning count, relevant digital badges can be issued automatically when certain learning content is completed.

The BUILD UP Skills advisor-app  – a compelling toolkit

Learning content available across Europe is very fragmented. The BUS-app has the capability to match occupations with a set of highly relevant learning experiences. In the near future (Q3 2022), it will also match them with a person taking into consideration their background and experience. The BUS-app was developed to work with micro-credentials and micro-recognition.

In order to implement the BUS-app several methodologies are available:

  1. Mapping the Technical Innovation Systems (TIS) (which technologies and skillsets are ‘upcoming’). Results: An analysis report mapping upcoming technologies and their impact on skills
  2. Skills mapping (how do technologies and skillsets impact current occupations and their skills). Results: A skills mapping report and a skills gaps visual
  3. Tasks based Unit of Learning Outcomes database
  •  Tasks
    • . Subtasks
      1. Competence (result & responsibility) required
      2. Skill(s) required
      3. Knowledge required

Results: A task based qualification for a certain specialism. E.g. for installing heat pumps.

For more information on the methodologies an article will be published as part of the CLIMA 2022 conference.

The BUS-app is currently available for Ireland, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands. If you are interested in developing a version of the app for your own market, please contact the BUSLeague coordinator (Jan Cromwijk).