Each country in BUSLeague provides learning content for construction workers, specialist workers, professionals, DIY homebuilders and members of the supply chain through digital means. In several countries the BUILD UP Skills advisor-app (BUS-app) is one of those means. The BUS-app offers the option to link content with relevant tasks and subtasks which makes it simple to access. It is also possible to award digital experience points, recognitions, or skill badges.

BUSLeague team has draft a report providing an introduction on the BUS-app functionality for implementation of content repositories, specifically in relation to the following functionalities:

  • To map content.
  • To find content.
  • To upload content.
  • To accredit learners.
  • To find recognised craftsmen.


In addition, this report will provide at the end of the project (Feb 2023) an overview of the implemented content repositories and recognition in the BUS-app, with specific information about the EU-region and each country (Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, France and the Netherlands).