The BUSLeague team has prepared a report that provides the basis for the further preparation of upskilling activities needed in the partner countries by building upon the experience of the previous BUILD UP Skills and Construction Skills projects and the work done so far in the BUSLeague project.


Based on national implementation plans in the partner countries, the focus of this report was to identify, assess and collate relevant upskilling content and resources (curricula, presentations, handbooks, demos, e-tools, schematics, etc.) from previous national and European projects. This was done through a collecting and reviewing process tuned to the specific needs of the project.

In the first phase, the partners were asked to clarify their national implementation plans and announce relevant upskilling trainings that are already available in their countries to build upon. In order to collect data and identify if an existing training scheme or module is relevant for the further implementation in BUSLeague, a specific collection scheme (including specific questions for further evaluation) was created. This collection scheme was filled in by the partner countries. According to this collection scheme, 60 trainings or training modules have been registered by the project partners.

In the second phase, in the extent to which these trainings can be used in BUSLeague was evaluated. To be able to assess the collected trainings according to a uniform scheme, a decision tree was created. Based on the assembled information on relevant trainings (training modules) available in the partner countries, this decision tree was used to find out whether the training or the training module is generally suitable for the implementation in the frame of the BUSLeague project. Moreover, it was clarified if the training or training module can only be implemented nationally or also internationally.