The BUSLeague team has published a guide on financial mechanisms that encourage the use of skilled workers in home/building renovations.
This compilation will serve as a guide for public authorities and financial institutions and other involved stakeholders in the construction sector on how to apply such mechanisms with the objective of increase the demand of skilled professionals.

The guide is structured in two main chapters:
• Approach to the financial mechanisms available in the market accompanied by a brief description.
• Examples of the application of financial mechanisms where skilled professionals have been valued.

These examples will inspire the BUSLeague consortium to assess the viability of their adaptation to regional / national contexts and even contact financial bodies and public authorities to promote the launch of financial mechanisms that award the hiring of EE-skilled professionals since this implies better economic conditions.

The full version of this guide (D3.4 “Initial guide on Financial Mechanisms”) can be found on the BUSLeague project website at the following link: