In order to stimulate demand, the BUSLeague project designs a Qualification for Recognition of Energy Skills since all actors in the value chain need to have a proper, transparent and up-to-date set of knowledge, skills and competences.

In the previous document “Qualification for the recognition of energy efficiency skills (*)” the BUSLeague team working on the qualification for recognition of Energy Skills documented their quest on finding out the right approach, scope, and its contents. It also included an overview of the main tasks defined as part of the Energy Skills qualification.

Recently, a stakeholder consultation process was carried out in the 6 participating countries (the Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, and Austria) to validate the results obtained in previous stages. The compiled qualification mechanisms were presented and discussed in at least 3 small focus group sessions (2-10 persons) per country, where all key stakeholders were represented. In total 100 stakeholders were consulted during 30 sessions held from April to September 2021.

The information on the process carried out and the main findings have been compiled in a document (D2.5 “Recommendations and adapted qualification Report”) which is available at

(*) According to the BUSLeague project taxonomy, this document is “Deliverable D2.5” and it is available in