In line with the Renovation Wave, the actual revision of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) introduces EU–wide minimum energy performance standards for worst performing buildings. The revision of the EPBD includes a definition of zero-emission buildings, deep renovations and mortgage portfolio standards. Moreover, it introduces “Renovation passports” and facilitates the use of new performance metrics including final energy consumed and lifecycle carbon emissions. In line with these future requirements, specific energy skills are needed on the construction site and the market demand for these skills has to be raised.

To do so, the “Energy Advisor” has been chosen as main target group for BUSLeague training interventions in Austria. Energy advisors are the connecting link between the end consumer and the construction business. The energy adviser supports the end consumer to define his construction demand with focus on sustainably and energy efficiency.

In cooperation with the Energy Agency Styria, a further-education provider in the Austrian federal province Styria, short online trainings are under development for energy advisors within the BUSLeague project.

On 13th of December 2021, the first online training was implemented. This short and hands-on online training focused on the successful implementation of step-by-step renovations in residential buildings in line with the development of individual renovation roadmaps. The training went together with the following learning goals:

  • Critical elements in the development process of an individual renovation roadmap for residential buildings
  • Main elements of successful step-by-step renovations linked to an individual building renovation roadmap
  • Avoiding frequently made mistakes during the step-by-step renovation of residential buildings

40 participants (mainly energy advisors) attended the online training session, which took around 100 minutes. The training was evaluated excellent by over 80% of the participants in line with quality, relevance and satisfaction.

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